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Probate, or successions as the process is called in Louisiana, does not have to be an expensive or arduous process. In most cases, if the estate is largely debt free, the succession may be completed in a week or less and be relatively cheap. A succession is the transmission of the estate of a deceased to his legatees or heirs who have the right to take possession of property belonging to the deceased after complying with the Louisiana law.

Types of Successions

There are two types of successions: testate and intestate. An estate is testate if the deceased person left a will. A person who inherits under a will is called a legatee. The property in a testate succession is transferred to the legatees by a process called probate, which is merely the court recognizing the validity of the will. Once the will is probated, the legatees petition to the court to be put in possession of the succession property in accordance with the directives of the will.

An estate is intestate if the decedent did not leave a valid will. A person who inherits under the law of intestate successions is referred to as an heir. Heirs are placed in possession with the property of the estate by petitioning the court to be placed in possession. Successions can further be categorized as those that are placed under the authority of a court approved administrator and those for which no administration is necessary.

If no administrator is required, the heir or legatees of an estate may be placed into possession of the succession property by petitioning to the court for a judgment recognizing their possession. These types of successions can be completed swiftly and inexpensively. Successions under administration are usually more complex than a succession not placed under administration, but they need not be burdensome or expensive. If you want to learn about simple succession or the process when all succession documents are filed at one time, click here or contact a New Orleans successions attorney at our firm!

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