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Do you want to dispute the validity of a will? For example: Is the will in valid form? Was the will executed properly? Is the signature on the will genuine? Was the will executed at a time of mental or physical illness? Was the writer of the will unduly influenced by another person to execute a will that wasn't their real intention? These are just some of the questions that our attorneys will examine for you. The answers to these questions can form the basis of a successful will contest. If you believe that a will has been created or signed under false pretenses, a New Orleans estate planning lawyer from our firm may be able to help.

Has an estate been administered and you feel left out of the process? Has the executor or administrator of the estate or succession acted unfairly or unlawfully? Is the executor not sharing information with you, delaying the deliverance of your inheritance, or mismanaging the estate? If so, contact our office immediately. You have legal remedies that our attorneys will help you enforce.

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Contesting a will may be a difficult task, but an experienced attorney may be able to assist you. In a will contest, outside experts can be critical to success. Our firm has worked closely with renowned qualified experts to assist in the will contest litigation. Some of the types of experts we may utilize in your case are handwriting experts, medical experts and forensic accountants.

Handwriting experts can prove or disprove the genuineness of the signature on the will. Medical experts are used to show that a testator (the person who made the will) did not have the mental capacity to execute the will. Forensic accountants are used to review financial information and bank accounts of an executor or administrator and determine that the executor or administrator is property and honestly performing his duties.

Do you want to contest the will of a loved one? A New Orleans probate lawyer from our firm can help you prove that the personal representative is in breach of their fiduciary duty. If you wish to determine if you have grounds to contest a will, you may contact an attorney from our firm, or fill out a complimentary case evaluation.

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